Distilled gin, infused with blue pea flower

Illusion is the star of the GINfinity palette. It’s the first color-changing gin in Serbia. By adding certain mixers the natural bright blue color transitions into an intriguing purple. The base for this gin is a London Dry one, infused with butterfly pea flower (Clitoria Ternatea).


1,800.00 rsd

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Product type: Distilled gin, infused with blue pea flower
Made in Serbia. Produced and filled by: PR L&H Craft Subotica.
Packaging: 0,5 liters
Strength: 41%
Shelf life: unlimited. 
Due to its natural pink color Illusion GINfinity will slightly fade over time and due to exposure to direct light.


Citrusy notes fight for their place in the slightly herbal composition with their crunchy freshness and their significant influence is especially reflected in the scent of GINfinity Illusion.


Illusion is mainly herbal on the taste. The juniper has a mild dominance, but the aroma of the mix of other spices and herbs is also felt on the tongue Clitoria Ternatea has a somewhat earthy, woody aroma, like a mild green tea.


Clitoria Ternatea has a somewhat earthy, woody aroma, like a mild green tea.


Long and strong but refreshingly crisp and pleasant.


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