Our team

We are a simple family from your neighborhood. We are loud when we sing and when we argue. We are probably loud when we enjoy our free time with friends in our backyard. We are the ones that dance whenever given the chance and who sing maybe a bit louder than normal.


We are the ones who are always in a hurry. We have a dog that does not know how to behave, children who are smart and witty, but absolutely and always restless. We are the ones who proudly stand behind the GINfinity brand because it represents us, because we love it with all our hearts. GINfinity is something we make together with a lot of love and passion.

Boris Faćol

Founder and sales mag

Former athlete, loyal friend, true foodie, great salesman, eternal optimist and successful G&T drinker.

Favorite GINfinity combination:

Classic Citrus GINfinity & Mediteranian Tonic with a slice of lime, a couple of juniper berries, rosemary and exactly three ice cubes.

Tijana Faćol

Founder and creative force

On-call mixologist and gin taster, perfectionist to the core, lover of: Mexican cuisine, sarcasm, work, order and absolute discipline.

Favorite GINfinity combination:

Illusion GINfinity & tonic with raspberry, only a little bit of ice and a dash of mint.

L & H


“L” with her grace and prudence, “H” with her cheerful spirit – together with their carefreeness, unconditional love, creativity, perseverance and joyful spirits, they are responsible for reminding us every day what is really important in life.

They always like to put their fingers in, just to make their mark. They won’t be drinking GINfinity for years to come, but they’ve learned to love it with all their little hearts.


Head of security

Sweet, loud-snoring head of security in charge of cuddling, making lunch leftovers disappear and having obligatory naps under his owner’s work desk. A faithful friend of the family, with the body of a bear and the eyes of an innocent sheep.

Not too much of a gin lover.

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